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Another Grad Night / Post Prom season is coming to an end soon. Each year I perform about thirty shows for high school groups. This is a market I have been developing for over twenty years. I began doing comedy hypnosis shows in the mid-1990s. Beginning in March and ending in June, this is my primary market for close to 3 months—a time of little sleep, lots of travel, and great audiences. I have slept in many beds—none my own.

This year I visited fewer U.S. states. I did shows in: IA, NE, CA, TX, WA, AR, IL, MT, WY, and CO (the last 2 were corporate events). For shows in NY, FL, MS, OK, ND, SD (and others in states above) I provided alternative performers because I had so many shows that wanted to schedule me for the same dates. I was honored to give this work to some of my peers who I admire most and work/compete with in the fair business as well, including: Terry StokesSusan RosenMichael Mezmer, James Szeles, and my stable of regulars, including Andrew Becker, Marc BachrachDoug MacCraw.

In other breaking news: I payed off three evil credit cards—yaay!—and shredded one of them. My daughter, Jessica, came to visit me for a week during her spring break, and we had a great time together. And I bought a new digital SLR camera and an iPad. LIFE IS GOOD!

Below are excerpts from shows at two of the California schools I do year after year, Leland High School in San Jose and St. Patrick’s St Vincent’s High School. I have been doing these two schools for somewhere between 5 and 10 years now.

My nephew, Cameron Fife—an actor, video editor, and screen writer in Hollywood—shot and edited these two videos.

Corporate Demo – {youtube}_Aw8lb2c6qE {/youtube}