Alan Sands Entertainment


Things I have learned:
People only remember the food if it is exceptional or bad.
Only the first few people to enter the room see the decorations. After that, they enter and see the people blocking the decorations.
People come to events at their place of work or really close to their place of work or home. They do not travel over 15 miles out of their way regardless of the place - unless it is exceptional, they simply refuse to miss it.
Extroverts have a good time everywhere they go.
A hosted bar is more popular in colder climates. People will drink even if they have to pay for it and fewer people abuse alcohol if they have to pay for the drinks. Spend the money on the entertainment, not the alcohol.
Have a sound system designed for the room, not the number of people in the audience.
It is often cheaper Or the same price to rent a DJ than it is to rent a sound system without a DJ.
Lights are necessary at night, or for a theatrical experience. Comedy acts do not need theatrical lighting.
A stage is good if the audience is over 50-60 people in size so everyone can see if it is a visual performance. However, a stage too small is more of a hindrance than no stage at all, and people who want to see will stand on chairs if necessary.