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2020 Game Show Pricing (travel not included)

Musical Bingo                                    $1,000

Have a Ball                                       $1,250

Corporate Feud                                 $1,995

Rapid Fire                                        $2,495

Rapid Fire Ultimate                           $2,995


Additional Options

Enhancement Package                      $500

MC/DJ                                            $500

Corporate Wheel                             $350

Projector/Screen                             $400

Photography                                   Ask

Special Lighting                              Ask



All Game Shows are 90 to 120-minute productions. They include our “LUCKY” game and also included our Minute to Win it games “Physical Challenges”.  We will also announce the prizes you supply.

The MC/DJ package can be added to any of our game shows to make a complete night of entertainment. Background music will be playing when guests arrive. Dinner music will be played through dinner and can include our interactive dinner show. If a presentation is given, you are welcome to use our microphone and sound system. Game Show follows and transitions into an interactive DJ production for dancing to complete the night.

The Corporate Wheel has replaceable inserts that can turn it into the color wheel (if you divide your group in teams) or into a money wheel with $ amounts, gift certificates, day off with pay, small prize, big prize etc.

Enhancement package includes an LED curtain backdrop and triple uplights strategically placed around the room that change colors to changing sound in the room. It adds a warmth to the room.


Each of these Game shows last 90 minutes

Musical Bingo​

​Similar to ​B​ingo except we play a 20 second portion of a song instead of calling numbers. The song stop​s​ when the singing verse happens. The guests often sing along with the songs. We supply laminated bingo cards with dry erase markers.


Have a Ball Game Show​

An entry-level game show because it uses less high tech equipment. The booth the players stand behind has three player positions. There is a baseball-size button in front of each person. When they get a trivia question (or the host plays musical sound-bites) correct, a ball is placed in a plexi-glass container on the front of the console in front of that player. This game show has a lock out button on the top. NOTE: The contestant gives the MC the answer and the host announces it over his microphone. This game does not have individual microphones or electronic scoring on the player positions. The balls in the plexiglass boxes are the scoring. (See the three teens in video playing the game). Four rounds are played over the 90-minute period, therefore 12 people compete in the trivia games. Then each person that plays gets ten teammates they grab from the audience to do crazy, zany challenges.


Corporate Feud​

Similar to Family Feud on TV. A round is considered the best of three questions. The host has a few different games for the different rounds.  Round #1 is regular Family Feud questions. Round #2 are Majority Rules. A survey is done earlier in the day, tallies are made & the survey answers come from that earlier survey. Round #3 is “Name that Tune.” The host plays remixes of very popular songs. Teams work together to figure out the song name or artist.  Round #4 is a “The Word Association Game”. I bring out everyone and form two lines facing each other. I ask them to name something associated with McDonalds or Cars or Famous people, etc. They have to respond without repeating the same answer. If they repeat, they sit down and the person who got it right goes to the back of the line to stay in the game. Everyone is involved.


Rapid Fire​

A 4-player game show. ​The game consol​e has lockout buttons, ​individual ​microphones and electronic scoring on each console.​Two Corporate Feud machines​ are connected together​. The questions ask​ed​ have a sound bite clue that goes to the question. The questions ​include: l​ines from famous movies​;​commercials​;​famous people etc. ​Example: "​ What movie made this song famous​?"​ The host push​es​the ​p​lay button and​ a song plays,​​"​I will always Love you​"​begins​. ​Contestant 3 pushes the lockout button and their booth lights up. They say​,​"The Bodyguard​!"​ ​The host​push​es​a button and they get 10 points. ​The Host says, "​Finish this quote exactly​:​​"​ ​He ​push​es​the play button and they hear​, "​It’s One Small Step for Man​...​" Contestant 1 pushes the lockout button and says, ”And one giant leap for mankind!” 10 points. Etc.  ​This game includes​a mylar curtain backdrop.


Rapid Fire Ultimate​

Like Rapid Fire using a higher-end machine with more ​decor and ​bells and whistles. ​The physical appearance is​ more deluxe​​ including a sparkle curtain backdrop,  special table​s​with sparkle curtain​s, lights that go around the room​. It​really looks sharp.


More options: 

Every round of any game show ends with a "Minute to Win It" challenge. The contestants go into the audience and bring back teammates to represent them in the team building skills. ​The Host has a large collection of equipment like: ​Bike races with bikes that have 4 inch tires​ or the challenge is an​audition to be a runway model while wearing a shirt filled with balloons or many other options for physical challenges.


Every round also contains our “lucky” game where we give raffle tickets to everyone attending. The more they participate, the more tickets they get. If they are contestants, they get tickets. If they win the round, they get tickets, if they take part in the ​"​Minute to Win it​" game​, they get extra tickets. Everyone is involved to a whole new level. 


​The host can also bring an additional Wheel of Fortune used to give away additional raffle tickets or instant winner prizes.


​They will laugh so hard they will cry!


​Prices quoted may not reflect an additional travel cost or lodging.