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I create (5) copies of every P1-B, (1) copy goes to the Troupe Leader, (1) copy for my permanent record, (2) copies go to Homeland Security and (1) copy is submitted for a Union Approval Letter




For the last 20+ years I have helped a hundred entertainers enter the USA annually to entertain as variety performers by being involved in, or executing entirely, a P1-B visa application for them. The following is very formal, "Legaleze" and dry. This essay pertains to O and P applications, but probably covers a lot of other types of applications generally well, too.


I am not a lawyer or work for Homeland Security. This information is supplied informally. If you have legal questions, consult the USDHS or an attorney. I am happy to accept all criticisms, modifications, suggestions or critiques. Please email them to me at:


YOU – a performer, a leader of a troupe, a prepresentative, agent or producer bringing entertainers (or sports teams, speakers, etc.) into the USA
 I, My, Myself or Me – My name is Alan Sands, and I am not a lawyer. I am an entertainer and a talent agent/producer who has been involved with writing Visa Applications for 21 years. I am not a legal aid and have no law or business degrees. I have, over the years, represented a number of troupes of performers who have come from Canada and England to the USA to perform. I was taught this process by the late Barbara Brodnax (RIP-2018) who wrote entertainment visa applications for Disney World, other law offices and independantly.
USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Service - a division of the USDHS
DHS – United States Department of Homeland Security (a division of and used synonymously with USCIS)
P1-A or P1-B Visas – an athletic team or entertainment troupe visa application for an entire troupe or group
O Visa – a visa application for an individual - usually a performer

The more of this you do for yourself, the less it costs to have myself, a legal aid or a lawyer do it.

If all I do is write the essay, and retype all of the forms you get me with most of the info on the forms, so they are uniform, neat and pretty, then my job takes less time. This is a very "LEFT" brain exercise. I know how to do them so they pass USCIS inspection. What people pay me for is my 20+ years of experience and proofing what they do for me.


It costs about $1500-$2700 in fees to do a P1 or O application. Members can divide the costs amongst themselves, so it costs each of them far less to maintain the permit each year. The first year is the most time consuming to create the permit. If there are no changes in the list of members each year, it takes far less time to reproduce the permit in future years. Even a small change can take an hour or two to change, update and modify in multiple places.

I do not add people to an existing permit unless they are going to become permanent members, year after year, into the future because I feel it can hurt the integrity of the permit.

Attached are links to see what the USCIS asks (instructions for filling out the forms and the forms themselves) so you can read it all in their language. I also outline it again in my own words. I do not say things in the same order they do.

FORM I-129

This form must be submitted with all applications:

• Print page 1-8 and fill out as best you can.
• For a P or an O permit; Print page 26-28 and filled out as best as possible.
• Page 35 & 36 are identical. Each performer must have one of these pages filled out.

These are the long form directions for filling out the above:


A Union Approval letter must be submitted with every P or O permit.


In the event you need the application reviewed by the USCIS in two weeks. Normal processing takes up to eight weeks.

Remember when you were in school, and you would read the chapter in your social studies book, then answer questions in the back of the chapter? The teacher wanted you to repeat the question in the answer; (i.e., Question - Why is the sky blue? Answer - The sky is blue because…). This is how one does a Visa Request. You take each of the requests, answer each one in a long form essay. The entire essay is 10-20 pages total. You repeat your answers over and over again in each of the replies. In this way you answer each of the requests accurately.

I also send them an outline of what is included in the package as an "Enclosure List " so they have a checklist that shows I covered everything. All of this needs to be completed before 12/31/18 to use the forms linked above, as these forms expire after 12/31/18 and I do not know what the new forms will request or need.

Cost outline:
$   325 – I-129 Application
$   250 – Union Letter from AGVA
$   250 – Federal Express costs to/from AGVA and USCIS
$   150 – Photocopies for five copies of everything (AGVA; USCIS x 2; my copy, your copy)
$1,250 – If Premium Processing is necessary plus additional time to include a 2nd essay with the Premium Processing Application.

Promotional Material for each of the acts, 20 pages per act. I photocopy them back to back, so each act has ten (10) – two-sided pages of promo.
Promo should include Newspaper articles, magazine articles, letters of recommendation, photos, bio, credits, references, advertisements - They must all be IN ENGLISH.
If they are not in English, they must include an English translation or they are NOT to be included! Example: Newspaper cover pages in Chinese will deny the application being accepted (they will send it back with an RMI {request for more information} if there is no translation. It is best to not include non-translated documents regardless of how prestigious they are.

Photocopy of all Passports' inside page - This is for the AGVA Letter of Approval submission, not the USCIS Visa Application

List of awards, television appearances, outstanding performance credits, website link.

I need to know if they have ever been on another visa application to enter the USA, and if they have copies of that visa application, please include it. If they do not have copies, reference numbers for that visa application and a history of who, when, where, why all help.

Full legal name, home address, phone #'s, email addresses, web address, passport # (I keep all this info in an Excel Spreadsheet for my own records and references)

A copy of any and all contracts or letters of invitation and intent - with you and them - or them and others in the USA. Letter of intent or agreements spelling out what is being paid or supplies being furnished (i.e., housing, per diem, travel, etc.) all add to the application.

Any and all supporting documents about your event that make it so that the USCIS says, "yes - they are unique, special, best in class, real pretty, award winning, top selling..."

I need to know if they have legal convictions (including DUI) on their permanent record, or have ever been denied entry to the USA for any reason, when and why.

A lawyer will charge you $5,000 to $10,000 (possibly plus expenses) to do this, I have heard.
I charge $150 an hour plus expenses.
I believe it takes me approx. 3 days (24 hours) to do this if I have everything in place when I sit down to organize and execute it. The longest it ever took me was two weeks the first time I did this. lately, it takes me two days to repeat an application I have done in the past and up to seven days to do a new application if I have to do everything myself and no one does any organizing of the different acts before I attack it.

Alan Sands
(601) 490-2999