Alan Sands Entertainment


The following hints may help you get the most out of the posters I send you.
(1) Use a printer, do not handwrite the posters. handwritten posters are hard to read. 
(2) The information you need to add to the posters includes:
(a) Who is Producing the Event ~or~ Who Benefits from the Event
(b) Date
(c) Time
(d) Place
(e) Price - include any discounts for buying tickets in advance, or are children free with an adult?
(3) Put a FRAME around the information. This has been proven to make the information stand out and get read. Not a fancy, distracting frame. Just a BOLD frame.
(4) Cut out the info in an unusual shape, then tape or glue the info to the poster. Do not use Glue Sticks, they do not hold very long. Rubber Cement is best.
(5) When you hang the posters, make sure the information you want them to read is at eye level. People will not bend down to read the posters hanging from the bottom of a bulletin board, and if they are too high, no one will look up to read them. Hanging them on the inside of bathroom stall doors or above urinals actually works.
(6) Have two or three people hang the posters together. One person holds the poster up, while the other person applies the tacks, tape or staples. If three people work together, one person carries the posters and supplies.
(7) If you can use sandwich boards, putting them near a less than the busiest stoplight or stop sign where people stop to can get the best responses, and on side-walks along the paths most travelled, like paths leading up to busy buildings. People pause as they open doors.
(8) If you are selling tickets, door-to-door always gets the best response. Ask the Girl Scouts, "who sells the most cookies and how?"
 MSM poster