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April 3rd, 2017

A potential student asked questions about The Sandman's Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp August 13-19 at the Wyoming State Fair. I thought my long reply might be of interest.

Clinical Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis have as much in common as pasta and bread. Both are made from grain, but that is where the similarity ends.

Clinical hypnosis is intimate - and almost everyone likes participating in intimacy.
Stage hypnosis is exhibitionism - not everyone likes participating in public exhibitionism
I am not going to explain more about clinical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy other than to say we use hypnosis in both stage and clinical applications.
Stage Hypnosis is a very unique form of entertainment compared to other forms of entertainment. Not only is is based on science and spirituality vs. simply entertaining but it has very different needs and methods of being mastered.
Other variety acts (magic, juggling, puppets, mimes, ventriloquists, pogo stick performers, paddle ball artists, top spinners, jump rope acts, sword swallowers and fire eaters ... you get the idea) don't need more than 10 people in the audience to do a successful show. They can also work with most any sound system they are given.
Musical acts, bands and singers, actors and dancers; they do not need much of - or any audience to practice.
Stage hypnotists are unique. They need at least two or three dozen people in the audience and they need a reasonably good sound system (built-in ceiling speakers  and small PAs that others get by with can often fail to deliver and distort) because hypnotists speak and play music. The sound system can use or should have a stage monitor so the volunteers can hear clearly or at least a speaker that is set in the back of the stage behind the volunteers, if they do not have a separate stage monitor. (a monitor is a speaker that faces the stage so the people on stage can hear clearly from a dedicated speaker. Monitors often has a separate volume control.)
Stage hypnotists can not practice alone or with one person very well, and once someone has been hypnotized you are no longer practicing on a "new subject" thus, your ability to learn, "how to be a successful inducer of hypnosis" is diminished.
>>Besides August 13-19, 2017 at the Wyoming State Fair, when do you forsee additional training? It conflicts with the NGH conference<<

August 11-13, 2017 - Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center – Marlborough, Massachusetts

At this time, I have the one fair scheduled this summer. I only do the trainings while "kids are out of school" because I use fairgrounds and I can get audiences 5 or more times a day if the fair is operating all day. If a fair operates while school is in session, I only get two or three sets a day to train in the evenings on week days, and this does not make it so I can take on enough students to keep my price reasonable, or I'd have to charge significantly more. A fair operating during school is an option, and I may consider this, but at this moment, I only have this one awesome opportunity to do a training at the Wyoming State Fair.
Stage Hypnosis do not often make people a living when done alone. WE need multiple streams of income to make it (Retail products are one common way and I think I am going to add to this class in Wyoming helping people record their first CD to sell as BOR - back-of-room).
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