Alan Sands Entertainment


This is a pretty straight forward proposal, so I will make it simple:

A Show -
Misty & The SandMan will perform a two-hour comedy magic and hypnosis show. We will supply our own sound system. We will need a hotel room for two nights which we hope can be donated by a local merchant. 
A Meal -
The 4H & FFA will provide a meal. There is a direct relationship between how much money is made by what type of meal is served. Seafood (i.e., crab feed or lobster & champaign) makes the most money. Prime Rib is a second. Spaghetti and pancakes are the least favorite.
Raffles -
Penny Raffles - are the most popular but take up the most room and time raffling off each item at the end of the evening. Items are placed around the room, and people place their raffle tickets into a bowl or box next to the items they wish to win. These items can be donated by the community - bicycles, computers, toys, sporting equipment, dishware, jewelry. Items can be clustered together into packages, and people can also donate new items as well. Guests are gifted ten tickets when they arrive and can purchase more tickets throughout the night. They can put as many tickets into a single item as they wish, or none.
Special items - Select items can be raffled to everyone attending. By attending, your name is placed into the raffle drum, and you can buy more tickets for these items as well. Artwork and vacation packages are the most popular.
Auction - 
A few select items are auctioned off as a live auction. A Wagon of alcoholic beverages will make the most money.
Responsibilities -
Alan Sands - will supply the tickets, posters, create a website, landing page, and advertising support.
The Fair - will provide the location, tables, chairs, kitchen access as needed and assist with the advertising in ways they have available - email lists, mailing lists, etc. The fair will also supply a place to gather donations.
The non-profit group - sponsoring the event is responsible for selling tickets. Door-to-door is still the best way to sell tickets; ask a Girl Scout who sells cookies.
The non-profit is also responsible for supplying the meal, serving, and cleaning up.
Division of Profits -
Misty & The SandMan will make a minimum of $600 to pay for reimbursement of posters, tickets, and transportation to the event or 30% of the gross receipts and a maximum of $2250
The Fair will make 30% and a maximum of what they would charge for the facilities' rental as described.
The non-profit will not lose money considering they are purchasing and supplying the food, so they are guaranteed a break-even of expenses but can make the most.
CELL PHONE:  (601) 490-2999
CALL:  (800) 892-2287